NBW Membership

Our membership registration and renewal process is now online. Please read and follow the instructions below.

NEW MEMBERS ONLY: Sign up through this link to imAthlete.com but DO NOT USE THIS LINK IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER!

CURRENT MEMBERS: Renew your membership through this link to imAthlete.com. You will need your renewal code ... Your renewal will be automatically triggered by imAthlete.com. You will receive an email from <support@imathlete.com> with a link and a code to renew your membership 30, 20, and 5 days before the expiration date, as well as 5, 20, 30 days after expiration. In addition, the weekly President's email to all members gives you your membership status.

Note that only single yearly memberships will be available (no family memberships or two-year memberships are possible).

For those who still want to renew by mail we will accept checks for a while. NO NEW MEMBERSHIPS PLEASE. Those unable to use the online process should send a request to our Membership Secretary (email to membership@nbwclub.org or US mail to NBW Membership, PO Box 41177, Providence, RI 02940-1177), who will send you a paper copy of the form to mail with your check. Our Membership Secretary will do the online processing for you and these transactions may take several weeks.

Questions: membership@nbwclub.org